Mythos - Quasar. 1980 Germany

Mythos' first two releases (s/t, Dreamlab) are classics in the Krautrock/electronic rock genre, but the next two albums were relatively mundane straight ahead hard rockers. So I never bothered to check out their two 1980s releases on Sky, as I didn't think they'd amount to much (and, truth be told, Grand Prix didn't amount to much).  However it turns out Quasar is definitely a creative effort, with quirky electronics and fast paced mechanical (and some real) drums. Stefan Kaske still sings in his ridiculous out of tune low voice, but is sporadic and fortunately buried in the mix. Some really great synthesizer work here, plus it's nice to see Kaske not abandon the flute, and he puts the instrument through many effects to achieve a cool sound. Innovative effort, unlike any other album really. Like a New Wave / Berlin School / Krautrock album. I personally think it's their best album after Dreamlab.

Included as a bonus on the CD is one 10 minute collage of TV jingles and other such advertising music, that has been processed utilizing modern equipment and heavy dance beats. Not a good choice, as it belies the excellence and unique creativity of the Quasar album itself.

Personal collection
CD: 2012 Sireena

After many years of holding back, I finally bought the LP of Quasar, and was pleasantly surprised how good it was. Shortly thereafter I discovered a CD was in the works. Sireena does their usual fine job, housing the CD in a sturdy digi-pak while providing liner notes and photos. These liners from band leader Stephan Kaske are quite telling. He's a techie geek! Most of the discussion revolve around the equipment he purchased, discussed in nauseating detail, along with his glee that he didn't have to work with annoying band mates anymore. Haha, spoken like a true cube dweller. He apparently missed his calling as an engineer!

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  1. Yes, "Quasar" is the last good MYTHOS album and their best since "Strange Guys". As I owned the vinyl upon release I haven't listened to the CD, until this weekend at a friend and I was surprised at how badly patched the bonus track was. Useless filler to an otherwise welcoming release with a very informative booklet.


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