Randy Roos - Mistral. 1978 USA

My original notes stated: Boston based Berklee grad guitarist Roos was originally in a band called Orchestra Luna, an album that used to turn up quite a bit in my crate digging days. This album is quite a bit different from that, and is a guitar fronted instrumental fusion - a style that was gaining popularity back then. But it has a rougher edge that I find appealing, and thus scores an extra point for me. Roos is a master of the instrument, and will occasionally call out Al Di Meola circa Casino. I was also reminded of the German group Syncrisis.

Ken's describes the music as: "Masterfully playing a variety of fretted and fretless guitars, Roos demonstrates why its time for this overlooked gem to be revisited. Mistral is pure high energy fusion that will appeal to fans of Jeff Beck and Return To Forever."

Personal collection
LP: 1978 Spoonfed
CD: 2012 Modulus

The CD comes in a wonderful mini-LP package. In this case, it restores the original single sleeve cover. There are no bonus tracks, but a fantastic essay was provided by a well known music journalist.

This is an album I was introduced to (early last year) by Midwest Mike on the CDRWL. Because of his enthusiasm and faith in the music, he actually sent me an extra copy of the LP itself, which is pressed on clear vinyl.

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