Haze - Hazecolor-Dia. 1971 Germany

From a musical perspective, Haze are a typical 1971 blues based hard rock band from Germany - not really progressive - but definitely fit the all-encompassing Krautrock tag, especially the era of its origin. The addition of wailing flute and pounding organ help tremendously when considering the otherwise standard g-b-d format. The vocals are all over-the-top exaggerated, loud, and... insane. Depending on my mood, that can add or detract points. The older I get, the more points it adds. Weird, huh?

Personal collection
CD: 1997 Second Battle
LP: 2010 Long Hair

As a rule, I don't typically buy LP reissues and would rather just own the CD (or the original LP of course). But there are exceptions and these are based on a number of considerations. 1) It must have a cool cover - generally a gatefold, or that its heavily textured, or it features some sort of gimmick cover (known in the trade as gimmix). Very rarely will I consider buying a typical single sleeve record, unless it has a stunning painting or something of that nature. And 2) is the cost of the original record. For example, I'm not going to pay $40 for a reissue of an original I can get for $100. Now cost is entirely subjective, and it also boils down to personal budgets and finances. Everyone is going to have a different threshold based on their priorities. I'll gladly pay $600 for a few choice LPs. It's case by case.

And so the case with Haze, for me, is that it's the perfect choice for a reissue LP. The originals are prohibitively expensive, and the music content doesn't justify the high cost. And, as it turns out, it does feature a gimmix cover - a single sleeve but with a see-through plastic film die-cut and rounded corners.

My only gripe about the LP reissue is the lack of liner notes. This is highly unusual for Long Hair who usually do a good job of documenting their releases. But then again, Long Hair never issued this title as a CD.

2016 update: I recently picked up the Second Battle CD, which is a nice digi-pak emulating the see-through cover. There are no liner notes accompanying this release either.

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