Surgery - Übermorgen. 1980 Germany

Surgery - Übermorgen. 1980 Yregrus (Surgery spelled backwards)

CD reissue: 2010 Garden of Delights

Packaging notes. Midwest Mike first turned me onto this album in the early days of the CDRWL. Before that, I had never even  heard of it! The CD features 10 bonus tracks, history, photos. Great reissue as usual from GoD and definitely the version to own.

Notes: Yet another unknown German fusion album from the late 70s and early 80s. File along with the "German M" groups like Moira, Mosaik, Munju, Missus Beastly and Morpheus. Some pretty hot psychedelic guitar, especially on the first side. Superb unison melodies with the sax and electric piano. Can get to be a bit breezy on Side 2, though some of it reminded me of Ash Ra's "Correlations" in the guitar work oddly enough. A Latin jazz vibe pervades. Very good representation of the style.

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