Arabesque - Tales of Power. 1976-1979 USA

Arabesque - Tales of Power. 2002 Shroom. 1976-1979 Archival recordings.

An amazing find from the music archivists at Shroom. It's unfortunate I didn't discover this until now - though I did manage to recently score a CD from an Amazon reseller.

Arabesque were a Pittsburgh area progressive rock band, and these recordings date from 1976-1979. All you have to do is look at the track titles like "An Epic: Krall Mountain" (11:53), "Cobbler's Knob" (11:42), "Arcanum of Atlantis" (10:37) and the associated timings, to know these guys fit squarely within the 1970s over-the-top ultra complex Midwest US progressive aesthetic. Pentwater's "Out of the Abyss" would be a good benchmark, though the recordings here aren't quite ready for prime time. One can only imagine how amazing this would have been with the proper studio time. In fact, in overall sound, complexity and mindset, I was mostly reminded of Skryvania from France. If all this sounds good to you, then Arabesque is a must pick up. I usually have little tolerance for less-than-ideal recording standards, but this one is an easy exception.


  1. The band appreciates your comments. I was the percussionist, Rich Ketterer. Sadly our drummer passed away a few years ago. We made the majority of the recordings in my basement with a four track reel to reel recorder (1st with a Dokorder then later with a Teac). We recorded the music live in two tracks for a stereo effect and the other two track we recorded vocals on. Towards teh end of our era we did a few songs in a 16 track studio, but they were not the longer songs you mention in the review. We have much more music that may one day be released and are trying to make that happen. Don't email me for copies of the CD, as I have given away most as gifts to friends after it was released.

  2. Thanks for the comments Rich. Sorry for the loss of your friend. Best of luck in getting out some of your other material!


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