The Antiques - Sincerely Antique. 1973 USA

* 1. Chaucha
2. Don't Let Me Down
* 3. Esta Melodia
* 4. Feel It
* 5. Taboo
* 6. Batuka
7. Dias Como Hoy
* 8. Crumbs Off The Table
9. Tu Me Acostumbraste
** 10. Juntos

If it weren't for Ken Golden over at the Laser's Edge, this is one title I probably would never have heard of. We're both fans of 70's Santana influenced Latin rock, and The Antiques fit squarely in that mold. A mix of kick ass instrumentals, bluesy hard rock workouts with Gregg Rolie like vocals, and soulful Latin pop numbers similar to Malo's more commercial efforts. I like all of it, but the first two categories are more to my taste (naturally enough I guess). Not quite as powerful as Chango or Dakila, but better than many in the genre like Broth, Azteca and Malo themselves. Lots of great organ and loud guitar leads here. 1) is a great instrumental opener and shows that The Antiques mean business, with some killer organ and guitar leads. 2) is a good example of one of their more commercial efforts. It's a bit sappy, but I like it in a Malo sort of way. Like driving in a convertible low rider through East LA (believe it or not, I've actually done just that). 3), 4) & 8) represent the third and final style of the album, where the The Antiques play a harder Santana rock style similar to their first 3 albums. 5) sounds like a track lifted from Abraxas, and is a killer. 6) is the same tune that opens Santana III. 7) & 9) are traditional Latin pop songs, that folks from the Old Country are going to be fond of (my wife recognized them as favorites from her Mom's generation). 10) closes the album in an absolute smoking way, similar to Chango really, and makes you wish the whole album would have been like it.

Personal collection
CD: 1994 Funny

The CD is as bare bones as it gets, with a single plain insert featuring only the front cover. Looks like a bootleg, but given all the distribution info, plus the band's own recognition of it, this is completely legit (and sounds like it's from the master tapes). Not an ideal reissue, but better than nothing. The CD states: Manufactured and distributed by Big World Distributors. Miami, FL.

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