Zog - Do ze Funkie Wiz Me. 1983 Netherlands

Zog's sole album (recorded live) is essentially version 2.0 of Het Pandorra Ensemble, and is entirely unique just as their predecessor was. While still very much a product of the 1980s (song structures and vocal style primarily), Zog also possess a strong admiration for 1960s psychedelia and the 1970s Krautrock pioneers. Some wonderful acid guitar soloing belies its 80s heritage. There's also the occasional reference to their fondness for Red era King Crimson, featured more prominently in their Pandorra Ensemble days. About the only other album I can think of that sounds like this is Iskander's Boheme (1982 Germany), another oddity from the era. Maybe the best way to describe this album is to call it 1980s psychedelia, and I don't mean neo-psych, if that makes any sense. While there are 9 songs on each side, it's best to think of them as side-long tracks, just as the LP label would have it. Over the years, I've come to appreciate Zog's album more and more, perhaps due to its one-of-a-kindness. And at 56 minutes, quite a lengthy album for one disc.

Personal collection
LP: 1983 Disaster Electronics

No legit reissues exist as I update this post from the CDRWL (with a fresh listen).

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