Tuna Laguna - Ripples and Swells. 2007 Norway

Tuna Laguna are a modern Norwegian post rock band who have a clear connection with the US post rock scene similar to Tortoise for example. But there’s more here than insouciant mid paced jams to aid with your sleeping disorder. With the growling fuzz bass, wah wah guitars, filtered organs, and the occasional tempo change, it’s clear Tuna Laguna have a bit of 1970's instrumental European prog rock in them. And the 7 piece band collective, including 3 guitarists and 2 keyboardists, allow the group a multitude of options that really expand their sound. Add in the melodic content that is post rock’s greatest contribution to begin with, and you have a nice piece of music to drive the Interstate with.

Last listen: August 8, 2017

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