Ring of Fire - Lapse of Reality. 2004 USA

Ring of Fire is a band that features top talent, and they go out of their way to make sure you know that too. As such, much of the material found here lacks quality songcraft. If the technical aspects of music interest you, then Ring Of Fire provides lots of "activity" that will delight. I'm sure this is very difficult music to perform, but that really shouldn't be the point. Makes for good music theory study, not necessarily enjoyable listening. And when the band does try for something other than massive chops, they produce a track like 'You Were There', which sounds like every other banal mid 1980s AOR hair band trying desperately for a "screaming inner thigh sweat" moment. Certainly the album is good - and very professional - as one would expect from seasoned musicians such as these. I think the reviews that call out Planet X are on the right track. That's the oeuvre we're talking about here.

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