Nuance - Il est une Legende. 1982 France

Nuance's debut is one of the most interesting albums on the private do-it-yourself FLVM label. If viewing the cover for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking it was an old NWOBHM album. And despite the fact it did indeed come out in 1982, not only is this not metal in the slightest, but the keyboards sound more like something from the mid 1960s! Overall this is a solid progressive rock album with French vocals, and one that fits squarely with others of its ilk like Synopsis, Orion, Grime, and Pentacle. The guitarist adds in a raw psychedelic edge, which I find highly appealing. Definitely an anachronistic sound for 1982. Easy recommendation for Frog Proggers (like me).

Personal collection
LP: 1982 FLVM

Not reissued in any format as I update this post from the CDRWL (with a fresh listen).

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