Eden - s/t. 1978 Canada

Eden are a keyboard lead quartet from Quebec who play a standard symphonic progressive rock. About half the album features French vocals, whereas the rest is instrumental. While there is a guitarist, his role is primarily subordinate, and the leads are generally created via synthesizer - mostly a String Ensemble, but you'll hear some Moog as well. I didn't discern any organ, Mellotron, or Fender Rhodes. There's nothing extraordinary about this album, other than its remarkable consistency, and every track is excellent in my book except perhaps the classical cover 'Pavane'. I also really appreciate the early 70s styled artwork. Easy recommendation to fans of mid to late 70s progressive rock.

Personal collection
LP: 1978 Disques Total

A few words about the date. There is no reference to a date anywhere on the LP (an album I've owned since the early 90s) - including recording sessions. There isn't a discography out there that doesn't attribute to 1978 to this album, and it appears to be a case of "generally accepted". But there is no de facto proof anywhere on the internet, that I can find, that 1978 is indeed the right date. I did a deep dive through the Disques Total discography, and remarkably none of their albums have a date. Going through their 45's, finally dates emerge - that of 1977 and 1978. I think the release date of 1978 is probably correct. What remains a mystery, for me anyway, is the recording date. Disques Total reissued many albums in the late 70s. I could easily believe Eden to be a mid 70s recording that received its first pressing later. I hope some factual data will eventually emerge about this fine album.

As of this writing (updated from the CDRWL with a fresh listen), the album remains without a legal reissue in any format.

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