Cultural Noise - Aphorisms Insane. 1980 Austria

Let's see, three guys who play a raft full of analog keyboards - and one doubles on guitar. I bet they sound like Tangerine Dream! And indeed that's exactly who Cultural Noise has emulated. The really good electronic years of Tangerine Dream too, which would be between 1974 and 1977. Lots of fat analog sequencers, fuzz tone guitar, and quite a bit of twists / turns / sundry mayhem. Mellotron M400, Micro Moog, EMS Sequencer, Roland Sequencer, ARP Sequencer, ARP 2600, VCS 3, Roland Studiosystem 700 is what they allege to play. OK, I believe them. With two 20 minute tracks titled 'After the Selfdisintegration in Time' and 'Pursuing the In Time Disintegrating Reality', we are definitely not talking commercial material here. Who knows why a major label would sign someone up like Cultural Noise, but we're most certainly glad they did! Come to think of it, the modern UK group Redshift sounds more like Cultural Noise than Tangerine Dream actually. For fans of vintage Berlin School electronic music, this is as good as it gets.

Personal collection
LP: 1980 CBS

Not reissued (legit) on CD or LP as I update this post from the CDRWL (with a fresh listen).

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