Swegas - Child of Light. 1971 England

Swegas' debut Child of Light features a nice mix of horn rock, Brit-Jazz, progressive rock, and even some free jazz. There's some strong Hammond organ and jazzy electric guitar work are on display here, along with a full stage band section (trombone, trumpet, and dual saxophones) who get in a few superbly intricate charts. And excellent soulful vocals. Definitely not your simple blues based horn rock album, as was typical of the era. Swegas ties closest to fellow countrymen Brainchild and Heaven rather than the usual American suspects like Blood, Sweat and Tears. Though I'd submit Swegas are not near as infectious as Brainchild in the songwriting department. Five long tracks here that allow the band to stretch out in a creative, improvisational jazz rock manner. 'Photographs' is an exceptional example of the genre. Also digging the painted naked lady Swingin' London gatefold cover.

Personal collection
LP: 1971 Trend

Was released not only in England (which is the origin of the copy I own), but also in France and Germany. Not reissued on CD or LP (legitimately I mean of course) as I update this post from the old CDRWL blog (and with a fresh listen).

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