Sensitiva Immagine ‎- E Tutto Cominciò Così... 1978 Italy

Sensitiva Immagine arrived during the real barren years of Italian prog. We talk about this phenomena briefly here Italian prog from 1987 and beyond.  The latest LP reissue suggests a date of 1978, but it could just be propagating bad data (1979 or 1980 is more likely). In any case, Sensitiva Immagine was an oasis in a desert, looking towards none other than classic Genesis for inspiration. At this time in Italy, the only band I can think of doing similar was Emphasis, who had half an album with La Statale 17. But they were from the far north bordering Austria, and sang in English. Sensitiva Immagine does it the right way, and sings in the native tongue, which of course then adds in the classic early 70s Italian prog sound as well, like Premiata Forneria Marconi for example. In some ways, Sensitiva Immagine could be considered ahead of their time, predicting the rise of the neo Italian prog movement by at least 8 years. One of only a handful of classic Italian prog albums from 1978 to 1987 you'll find. Don't overlook this one.

Personal collection
CD: 1991 Melos (Japan)

The CD comes in a fine die-cut digi-pak. A few years later, the CD was issued domestically in Italy on the now-also-hard-to-find Kaliphonia label. So finding this one on CD will present a challenge (and a bit of extra expense). I bought mine at the time of release. There is a 2015 LP reissue, which is what I was referencing above (the liner notes in Italian are on display in Discogs).

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