Redshift - Colder. 2011 England

Colder is the 14th album by Redshift (in the world of electronic music, live albums are often akin to a new studio release in that it's usually all entirely unique material). By this time, the ensemble Redshift had been around 15 years, and Mark Shreeve and Ian Boddy themselves have been going at it for 30 years (recorded history that is). So you should know what you're going to get here. And that's exactly what you do get. What's that again?

Oh yes. You get good old fashion Berlin School heavy thick wedgy Big Moog analog heaven. Excellent melodies are dispersed, there are plenty of dynamic and meter shifts, and the whole thing oozes atmosphere. Redshift are a few years from their peak era of the late 90s and early 2000's (lack of real guitar does diminish their sound a bit), but this concert from 2010 is no slouch. The trio are clearly engaged, in sync, and shows off their professionalism. With Ian Boddy on board, the distinction between Redshift and ARC blurs a bit, but I'd say the former is heavier while the latter is more kinetic.

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CD: 2011 Distant Sun

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