Pseudo Buddha ‎- 3 Months In Fat City! - Hooka-Jooka Vol. IV. 2002 USA

I had been impressed by San Antonio based Pseudo Buddha's contribution to the Fluorescent Tunnelvision space rock anthology. A lot of bands today exist to create loose, jamming, psychedelic music and Pseudo Buddha are one of the best. Four long tracks were culled from even longer jams (on 4 different dates) and spliced together for a truly mind blowing cosmic freakout. Not a lot of wasted notes, which is truly remarkable. Maybe it's in the editing, and I'm all for a good editing - especially when it comes to improvisational music (if only more bands took a page from this playbook). Imagine Agitation Free on Second jamming with Amon Duul II on Yeti. Many sounds are deployed - including exotic stringed instruments, winds, hand percussion, and analog electronics. This album captures the true spirit of Krautrock.

Personal collection
CD: 2002 Dogfingers


  1. Great band. I'm still searching for their 3rd one "Flood Of The Nephilim" that was only a CD-r release.

    1. I hadn't heard that one either. I need to revisit Motive, which I only have on CD-R. None of these have been released on vinyl I don't think. Haha - another Cosmic Eye type band!


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