Goat - Commune. 2014 Sweden

Commune is the second album from Sweden's Goat, a band I've tracked from the beginning. Like fellow countrymen Dungen, Goat is one of those bands that have inexplicably gained a relatively large following despite playing a style of music that doesn't usually garner such. There can be no doubt that Goat have tapped into the psychedelic strain that was so very prominent in the early 1970's Swedish landscape. And the country seems to have always had a predilection for mixing far away indigenous music into that unique strain. In this case for Goat, that would be the Saharan music of the Tuareg's. Apparently - unbeknownst to me - there's a subgenre that has been recently born that defines the electrified form of this music: Tishoumaren. I'm a novice on that point, but regardless, Goat has basically infused a new ingredient into an old recipe. Ignoring any cultural, spiritual, or political messaging, one can focus on the music itself. A music that is highly melodic, with tribal drumming, female chanting, and deliciously wicked fuzz guitar. The album gets stronger as it goes, and by the time we reach the summit with 'Hide From the Sun' (strange title if we're summiting, perhaps they were cave dwelling. I digress...) - you too will be having your very own spiritual moments. And for this, Goat has completely succeeded. If a title like Flasket Brinner Goes to Mali sounds enticing, then may I suggest Commune to you?

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CD: 2014 Sub Pop

Blows my mind a band like Goat would be on Sub Pop, but OK...

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