Cranium Pie - Mechanisms Part 1. 2011 England

Cranium Pie's debut album is like being dropped into some obscure studio in London circa 1970. Imagine Pink Floyd and Soft Machine at their peak and you have an idea of what we're dealing with here. They really nail the psychedelic progressive creativity of the era.

The above represented my virtual scribbled notes over on Under the Radar (and RYM) back in December of 2011. And, as expected, I don't think any one actually read it. So I will flesh this out a bit more so more people won't read it (huh?).

I'm not sure I can think of too many albums that really capture that particular magic of the 1970 UK underground like Cranium Pie has done here. The opening track actually sounds like Pink Floyd on their way to see Tangerine Dream. The possibilities are endless. 'Rememberrr' is a track for the ages. Extremely powerful with heavy organ, screaming guitar, echoed/treated vocals, and constantly on-the-move rhythms. 'Zones' picks right up from that and pulverizes you into the cosmic void. The title track goes back to the exciting premise of 'Rememberrr', perhaps just a bit less focused, but brilliant all the same.

This one fell just a hair short of masterpiece status, but I have to think it will end of up my Best of the 2010 Decade list, whatever the heck that is anyway.

Personal collection
CD: 2011 Regal Crabomophone

The CD comes in a small cardboard digipak, and is numbered. Cranium Pie is notorious for all of their product to be difficult to source, and expensive at that. Hence this remains the only album I own by them. And even at that, I had to order it straight from the band, and considering postage, was no bargain. But I had been assured by trusted advisers it was worth it. And they were not wrong.

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