Autumn - Oceanworld. 1977-1978 England (archival)

When Autumn's release first hit the shelves in 1999, the buzz surrounding it was enormous at the time. A whole album's worth of prime instrumental progressive rock was on offer, said the masses. I dutifully picked up my own copy of the CD then, and all I had to say is that the advertisements were justified.

It's hard to imagine that was nearly 20 years ago. On this revisit, I was reminded on just how good this album really is. Recorded between 1977 and 1978, this was just the type of original-late-era progressive rock that was being shunned by the major labels and radio of the day, and thus getting signed was difficult. Fortunately the music was well preserved and history wins the day. Autumn definitely drew from the big-names well of the time, and you'll predominantly hear bands such as Camel, Genesis, and Yes in these grooves. The influences might be apparent, but the music and melodies are definitely original, and there are some very fine breaks here that recall early Gracious! for example - the same kind the Italians are more famous for.

In reviewing my collection, I think this is the best archival album from England I own that is strictly 70's classic progressive rock - of a previously unknown group I should add. We're more accustomed to the excellent unearthed progressive rock album here in the United States, where the labels were never much interested in the genre to begin with. But it appears that England was still cranking out decent product (England, First+Aid, etc...), and Autumn just fell through the cracks. I'm sure there were many more who had the same fate as Autumn, and I do hope that one day those recordings surface. For now though, don't miss this private release, that appears to have been forgotten again in the last 20 years or so.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 private

Comes with full liners and the sound is good, though a little polish was still needed. Interesting to note the band referred to this as a "mini album", but it's 36 minutes which was standard LP length of the era. Discogs, by their rules, lists it as a Mini Album as well because the CD advertises it as such. But I consider it a full length album.

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