Mahamudra - s/t. 2005 Portugal

Mahamudra* are an obscure 5 piece band from Portugal, that is unknown even in underground progressive rock circles. Lead by Bruno Fernandes on "efeitos sintetizador", with a traditional 4 piece band (guitars-keys-bass-drums) behind him. The music balances traditional jamming instrumental space rock with a raw Krautrock edge. The band is clearly going for an early 70s sound, though a dedicated listen will prove these are newer instruments trying to sound old. Nonetheless they do a fine job at what they are attempting to do. Definitely one to seek out if the aforementioned genres appeal to you.

*You will find a few websites that have them confused with a Psytrance act from Israel. Told you they were obscure...

Personal collection
CD: 2005 private


  1. Got it upon release. Too bad it hadn't got any sequel...

    1. Yea, I think they went download only from there. I saw 5 albums on Bandcamp. That's too bad. Maybe a Cosmic Eye LP release? :-)

    2. There was a second (it's in my collection) "Alcintara" which was a professionally printed CDr, which I got directly from them in 2006. Didn't know they made others. A nice thought for a future Cosmic Eye release...


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