Franco Falsini - Cold Nose. 1975 Italy

Franco Falsini's only solo album takes in one part Manuel Gottsching, one part Richard Pinhas, and 3 parts of the outer galaxy he apparently emigrated from. Analog wedgy electronics, and thick oozing heavy guitar shards define the sound palette, whereas the melodies are pulled from his own Sensations' Fix cookbook - you'll hear plenty of snippets from Fragments of Light and Portable Madness within. I would love to see the movie that was inside of Falsini's mind during this recording. Essential head space music.

Personal collection
LP: 1975 Polydor
CD: 2010 Universal (as part of the 6 CD box set Progressive Italia Gli Anni '70 Vol. 6)

Like most of Sensations' Fix albums, Cold Nose has been poorly served in the CD reissue market.

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