Xhol - Hau-RUK. 1971 Germany

Here we find Xhol, as my imagination will have it mind you, in some smoky club in Hamburg, preferably on the Reeperbahn in the St. Pauli District. Organ and electric sax rule the roost here and no one gets to leave the club until they start seeing inanimate objects move. Psychedelic jazz blues is where it's at - especially on the sublime 'Breit'. The Garden of Delights CD is the way to go here since it introduces us to the 20 minute bonus track 'Suden twi Westen'. This track was recorded in 1974 with Hansi Fisher (of Embryo) on flute along with future Missus Beastly bassist Norman Domling. It's quite possibly the best piece Xhol ever did (and that's saying something!) and I didn't realize that Xhol were still active this late in the game. Highly recommended.

Personal collection
CD: 2002 Garden of Delights

I did once own the original LP, but traded it away for something presumably better. What that was, I cannot say. I want it back.

RUK really is an acronym, and stands for Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser. Obvious now, isn't it?

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