The Blue Bus - Your Mind's Moving Too Fast. 2001? Germany? (archival)

Honestly my BS Meter is in the red zone on this title (perhaps I should make this an iPhone app?) by The Blue Bus. I find it somewhat hard to swallow that a full LP's worth of tracks from the 60s has absolutely ZERO corroboration anywhere (including looking up band members). The album was released in 2001, by a German label with no other releases (and allegedly from the US if RYM is to be believed - but I think that is wrong (see below)), but there's no backstory of the band provided. Just a faded photo (how quaint...) of 3 dudes (not convincingly authentic 60s looking to be honest) sitting in a suburban backyard, presumably in southern California (why is anyone assuming this from Los Angeles anyway? Where exactly does that come from?). And then a German label comes along and suddenly has access to these tapes? But no story to tell? And now it's 17 years after the LP has been released, and yet nothing has emerged. Not buying it....

OK, so if having the wool pulled over your eyes isn't a problem for you, what of the music? Well, I have to agree with other reviews I've read, it sure the heck does sound like 1960s garage psych music (so kudos for that). Whoever is behind these tapes is where the real story is. I'm much interested in the provenance for certain (see below for my guess). "The Blue Bus from Los Angeles" - probably not that.

There is a website for  the label on the LP:  Go there and you tell me what you find?

This album is BS to the core.

I think here's the real story:

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