Light of Darkness - s/t. 1971 Scotland

Light of Darkness were Scottish exiles enjoying the Germany hard rock scene of 1971. Black Sabbath's debut is the first reference that comes to mind (blues based heavy fuzz guitar w/harmonica), and the vocals have a passing resemblance to Ozzy - check out 'Ain't No Place Where I Belong' as one prime example. But with a bit more energy, perhaps recalling Elias Hulk in the process. There's definitely a late era psych vibe here too, especially in the melodic/harmonic aspect of each composition. The album was not well received upon release, and thus its rarity today. But a revisionist look displays many rewards for fans of the 1971 Krautrock and UK Vertigo sound.

Personal collection
LP: 2014 Long Hair (Germany)

A rare album in original form (on Philips). The reissue comes in a fine gatefold (like the original) with a short history insert. It appears the two CD reissues on Second Battle have become difficult to source.

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