Kontrast - s/t. 1986 Germany

Kontrast was Out of Focus Ver 2.0, and at this point in their career they sounded more like Embryo than Embryo did! Kontrast band leader Remigius Drechsler had been with Embryo for about a year, so perhaps not so surprising. Strong ethno prog/jazz rock with flute, sax, stringed instruments, with Asiatic/North African melodic themes. Some fusion and more than a hint of the psychedelic. Very much out of its time, and decidedly non-80s sounding.

Personal collection
CD: 2008 Cosmic Egg (UK) w/Volume II

Volume II is a full album of archival material. A bit more loose than the album proper. I did own the LP up until March 2018, but decided to let it go, and just keep the CD.

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