Cyklus - Planet of Two Suns. 1979 Germany

Don't let the goofy-guys-in-the-back-of-the-VW-bus-cover scare you. Cyklus' sole album presents an interesting mix of styles. On one hand there's the typical late 70s funky fusion, with the added benefit of a high melodic quotient. This is then juxtaposed against a backdrop of the early 70s Krautrock freaky underground. In aggregate one can wire Cyklus closest to same period Aera - who they share a band member and label with. This is especially true during the time when Embryo's Roman Bunka was also Aera's guitarist. I also hear a bit of the Real Ax Band and same era Alcatraz, which can only be considered a good thing. There's some nice shredding guitar work here as well, which recalls Syncrisis (yet another fine guitar centered Kraut Fusion act) at their most fiery.

Personal collection
LP: 1979 Erlkonig

Single sleeve. Not been reissued legit on LP or CD as I write this post.

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