Circus 2000 - An Escape From a Box. 1972 Italy

One of the more misunderstood albums from the Italian progressive rock scene. Mainly because it has nothing in common with what one expects from the land of PFM or Banco. Circus 2000 are the European extract of prime Jefferson Airplane, but with a distinct progressive rock element similar to Julian's Treatment, Mad Curry, or Sandrose. Escape From a Box is one of the most creative albums from this niche. Laid back, sensuous, hypnotic, and mesmerizing. Resident hottie Silvana Aliotta provides the sultry, and witchy-squeaky (trademark pending) vocals. Hippy dippy opener 'Hey Man' is the only slip up, and even most of that tune works well once the instrumental engine starts to roar. 'You Aren't Listening' is seductive, 'Our Father' has intense Gothic choirs, and 'When the Sun Refuses to Shine' draws you into the vortex of another universe. Brilliante.

Personal collection
CD: 1989 Vinyl Magic
LP: 1999 Akarma

Well, the LP gatefold reissue is certainly nice looking. Would prefer an original, but this will have to do for now, given the exorbitant cost of such. I bought the CD upon release based on the reputation in various mail order catalogs of the day.

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