Ars Nova - Android Domina. 2006 Japan

I realized after buying The Goddess of Darkness real time in 1996 that Ars Nova had little more to offer from a creative standpoint. Somewhere down the line I ended up with the next one The Book of the Dead, and my opinion remained unswayed. And here we are with Android Domina - a Japanese mini-LP I only bought because it was dirt cheap. Now we have the girls in full S&M regalia, and opening the album with mock orgasmic sounds. Honestly, they sound - and act - like a bunch of silly Japanese girls at a pajama party. Why they must tease the middle aged male dominated progressive rock crowd, is anyone's guess, but I suspect it is yet another "Lost in Translation" scenario. Because once that bit of tomfoolery is over, our gals get down to the serious business of keyboard dominated instrumental progressive rock. And they still have nothing new to offer. Can't dock them for the performance, it's all very good. Like Ozric in that way....

Personal collection

Decided to part with the CD. I have too much stuff like this now.

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