Larry Coryell - At the Village Gate. 1971 USA

At the Village Gate is a very interesting album from jazz guitarist Coryell. I've heard quite a few of his albums prior including the Eleventh House works, and they follow similar fusion / jazz rock paths as laid out by John McLaughlin/Mahavishnu Orchestra, Wolfgang Dauner's Et Cetera, Return to Forever, and Weather Report. In effect, musicians born out of jazz but with a strong interest in rock music. So even though I had read this album to be different, I wasn't expecting it to really be that way. And I was to be proven wrong.

At the Village Gate truly is an instrumental psychedelic rock album. This is very much in the realm of Jimi Hendrix and Cream. Perhaps not as intense as the burgeoning Krautrock movement of early Ash Ra Tempel and Guru Guru, but take away some of their more excessive moments, and you arrive At the Village Gate. The guitar tone is decidedly psychedelic with plenty of effects applied, while the rhythm section is constantly on the move. "Busy" as the liner notes suggest. For the style, it's a bit subdued, but for an experienced jazzer like Coryell, it's definitely risky and on the edge. For my tastes at least, it's the best album I've heard by him.

At the Village Gate is a relatively obscure album for a marquee name such as Larry Coryell, who sadly passed away recently. Real Gone has provided the first legitimate reissue on CD in 2017. Don't miss it this go round if what I say above resonates.

Personal collection
CD: 2017 Real Gone

CD comes with unique liner notes and great sound.

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