Third Eye - s/t. 1976 Netherlands-Germany

On the surface, Third Eye would seem to be a typical mid to late 1970s kraut fusion album, of which there are dozens. That is, until you hear the mellotron being played like a flutist would play his solo (just check out 'Sound Circle' as an example)! It's really odd to hear this traditional symphonic prog / electronik musik instrument used in this context. As if Tangerine Dream, circa Phaedra, played the piano lounge at some swanky hotel. For this alone, Third Eye is worth seeking out. There's also a classically inspired romantic piece, cocktail piano, a drum solo, typical fusion runs. A somewhat bizarre mix, but quite good all the same.

Personal collection

I sold my LP in January 2018. Couldn't justify keeping it for the price obtained.

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