Solis Lacus - s/t. 1975 Belgium

Solis Lacus' sole album is a mix of deep grooves and sweet melodies, which is the blueprint for the mid 70's instrumental jazz rock scene. One could easily see Solis Lacus operating as the 4th Placebo album. Though by 1975, some of the rougher edges have been smoothed over, and it's not ever going to win any underground awards. But it definitely serves well for 70's styled "gettin' in the mood" with plush coaches, wood paneled walls, and shag carpet. Trumpet and saxophone lead the solo parade, while band leader Michel Herr provides the Fender Rhodes and monophonic synthesizers. This is the right music for the right time.

Personal collection
CD: 2012 Heavenly Sweetness (France)

The CD is housed in a fine tri-fold digipak using the original cover (scan 1). Comes with a history in English and French, and further on the band members each reflect back on the album, but this time only in French and Flemish. Also displays the two other album covers, as the LP was surprisingly reissued twice in the late 70s and early 80s by different labels (see scans 2 and 3)

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