Andre Fertier - Clivage. 1977 France

Clivage is Andre Fertier's debut album. Here you will discover a very fine Indo Jazz album. Long spells of both Indian ragas (hand percussion and stringed instruments) and pure jazz with extended saxophone soloing, along with stand up bass. The copious violin use recalls L. Subramanian's works in a similar jazz setting. While I enjoyed Fertier's sophomore effort Mixtus Orbis a bit more, I do find the debut to be one of the better albums in the style it emulates.

Concerning the title - Regina Astris is a later appellation that was applied to the reissue after Mixtus Orbis had been released. Technically this is not a Clivage album, but rather it was released as a solo under Fertier's name.

Personal collection
LP: 1977 Gratte-Ciel

I do own the original which does not have the title Regina Astris. No legit reissues exist as I update this post from the CDRWL (with a fresh listen).

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