Yajuh Ohkoku - Live. 1997 Japan

Yajyu Ohkoku - often times stylized as Yajuh-Ohkoku, in kanji 野獣王国, literally translates to Beast Kingdom, or colloquially Animal Kingdom - are a hard hitting fusion band from Japan. Unusual in that they debuted with a 2 CD live set. So this is nearly 100 minutes of instrumental jazz fusion, which is a monthly dose for moi. The style is 1990s digital all the way, so for those looking for 1970's raw wah wah guitars, fuzzed out Rhodes, or Hammond organ, you'll have to look elsewhere. This is Yahama land and pig squeal guitar all the way. Still, for what they set out to accomplish, Yajyu Ohkoku does an admirable job at doing such. If you're a fan of the Japanese fusion scene of Side Steps, Prism, Fragile, and Exhivision, then "Beast Kingdom" is well worth seeking out. The band continued on to release 6 more studio albums, each more obscure than the last.

Personal collection
CD: 2013 Clinck

The CD is stored in a double mini-LP gatefold. My copy is part of a 4 title box set called J-Fusion Masterpiece Collectors' Box that includes the 2 Keep albums + the Hiroshi Mirukami & Dancing Sphinx album. I bought it for the Keep albums, and like the name itself, I'm keeping all of these for those 2.

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