Melody - Yesterlife. 1977 France

Don't overlook this one! Or rather - don't judge a book by its cover. Given the 1977 date, the band decided on - or were forced - to use the rather atrocious looking Earth & Fire styled disco album cover. But in the end, Yesterlife is a far more professional album than their debut Come Fly With Me, in both composition and production. There's a high level of sophistication beneath the gloss. In fact some of the songs are re-recordings of tracks from said debut. Sure it's mitigated somewhat by the ambition of its producers, but the end result predicted the best aspects of the upcoming neo prog movement. Recently I visited the superb Edge - Suction 8 album from my collection, and Yesterlife recalls that fine album many times over. Woody bass, complex rhythms, loud fuzzy guitar leads, Mini-Moog lines, and powerful female vocals.

Unbelievably - for those that already know the Tapioca mispress of Come Fly With Me - which contains half of the avant-garde Mahogany Brain album, would you believe that Vogue switched the first two tracks on this album? Yea, 'Welcome to Wonderland' is the opening track. Jeez, these guys got the same breaks as those trying to leave Gilligan's Island...

Personal collection
LP: 1977 Vogue

Comes in a fine gatefold despite the otherwise mundane typical era cover. The older tracks that have been re-recorded include: 'Merry-Go-Round', 'Run Faster', and 'Yesterlife'.

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