Joe O'Donnell - Gaodhal's Vision. 1977 Ireland

Joe O'Donnell's debut is a much unheralded album, but it's quite good. All instrumental fusion driven by O'Donnell's electric violin. There are smokin' parts offset by what could be best described as cinematic atmospheric pieces. Best tracks for my tastes include 'The Exodus', 'The Battle and Retreat Underground', 'The Fair', and 'The Great Banqueting Hall'. One of Ireland's best albums.

Personal collection
LP: 1977 Polydor (Ireland/Germany)

There are a few LP pressings of this album. The Irish presses are all housed in German gatefolds strange as it may seem, and that's what I'm keeping. The UK press is a single sleeve. There's also a German pressing as well, which I will be selling shortly. There also exists an obscure CD reissue released by Rory Gallagher's Capo label in 2004.

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