Group 1850 - Polyandri. 1974 Netherlands

One would expect that after 5 years on from Paradise Now, a band would have changed directions radically. Especially in an era when musical trends changed with the seasons. Perhaps a fusion album? Hard rock maybe? Pop? But not Group 1850. Still going after it with their unique brand of psychedelic progressive music. In fact, Polyandri is more refined and varied while still being a primarily instrumental album . This album features an array of sounds from complex progressive rock compositions to simple bluesy workouts and onto trippy psych organ based excursions similar to their first 2 LP's. Wonderfully out of touch for 1974!

Personal collection
LP: 1974 Rubber
CD: 2017 Universal (as part of the 2 CD set called The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music)

The LP comes in a folder cover. To talk about the date: There's no date anywhere on the LP except a mention in the insert of a recording time of January, 1974. By deduction, one could conclude this was released in 1974. However, according to the Pseudonym CD liner notes for Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth, they place Polyandri at 1975 (as does The Golden Years of Dutch Pop Music 2CD set). They could be propagating bad data though. Does anyone know for certain?

The CD version of this isn't the best sound (doesn't sound like it's all from the master tapes), but it does beat the Twilight Tone boot by a long mile!

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