Earthen Vessel - Hard Rock Everlasting Life. 1971 USA

Earthen Vessel were a band from Lansing, Michigan who got caught up in the "Jesus Rock" movement. Whereas 99% of the bands operating in that territory are pretty wimpy, Earthen Vessel cranks up the amps and the guitars just wail on here. One of those albums that fall between hard rock and heavy psych, the first 25 minutes of this album just blazes throughout. Only the final short 'Get High' (On Jesus) will remind one of a typical church youth group hymn. And these guys aren't "sort of Christian" either, they're preaching the Gospel from the mountaintops, with dual female/vocals all through. And yet it doesn't distract in the slightest, unless you have religious issues. Easy recommendation to fans of the aforementioned genres.

Personal collection
CD: 1999 Gear Fab

Fine reissue with historical liner notes written by one of the members of the band. Original LP's are a small fortune.

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