Various Artists - Psychedelic World Music: Discovery. 2012

Psychedelic World Music is a compilation featuring 9 bands from around the world that have recorded primarily instrumental psychedelic space rock music - two-thirds of it unreleased until now. The most obvious comparison would be the bands coming out of  the UK Festival psych scene of the 1980s such as Ozric Tentacles, Mandragora, and Soma. But as you listen closely, the groups featured on this compilation, regardless of location, seem to have adopted the Central and Eastern European variation of said sound. It's especially noticeable in the melodies, but the rhythmic structure looks Eastward as well. So if you're a fan of bands like Korai Orom, Ole Lukkoye, and Vespero, then this compilation is a must pick up. I am myself, and I found all nine bands here to be revelatory.

The first three tracks are especially captivating. Namely Cosmic Vibration (Germany), Triptych (England), and The Misteriosos (USA). If I were a label with money to spend, I'd start right here to build up my stable of bands and know that my label would have instant credibility. The latter, in particular, is the highlight of the entire disc with its mysterious female voice, atmospheric acid psychedelic guitar, and "Saucerful of Secrets" pounding percussion. Interesting to find out, then, that this is one of the three previously released tracks on the disc (none of which I'd heard prior to this). The Misteriosos track is from an obscure 2005 album, that apparently is completely different than this one track. That's too bad as it would have been my top priority to own. Starting with Track 4, the thrills become a little less per minute, but everything on here is at least very good. Considering the remainder, the Russian group Grey Mouse, and the Belgian band The Narcotic Daffodils are of particular interest. There are three bands here that are from countries that are rarely represented in rock music: Armenia, Belarus, and China - the last one being an all-time first for me. And something tells me that we will be hearing a ton of music from China in the next 50 years. In fact, I'd bet on that.

If any of this sounds at all interesting, then do not miss out on this wonderful compilation. Trail Records is the best USA label producing space rock today.

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CD: 2012 Trail Records (USA)

Last listen: January 28, 2013

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