Survolaj - s/t. 1992 Romania

What perhaps is most extraordinary about this album is the original recording date of 1992. There are countless bands today recreating the early 1970s sounds and attitude. But no one was doing this in 1992. Especially in places like Romania. Or so I thought. Side 1 is an 18 minute brain blaster of a track called 'Broken Flight'. Survolaj are basically a guitar based trio, with guest on flute, and the sound here is remarkably similar to 1971 German outfits of the same mindset like Silberbart, Dies Irae, Haze, Blackwater Park, and Second Life. Wah wah bluesy guitar, histrionic vocals, and a hyper active rhythm section is what you can expect here. Outstanding. Side 2 (tracks 2 and 3) are decidedly more blues based, and recall the 1969/70 English scene. Classic early Led Zeppelin in particular seem to be a major influence here, though other bands like The Groundhogs, Ashkan, and Elias Hulk come to mind too.

Personal collection
CD: 2007 Soft Records

Last listen: February 13, 2013

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