Strawberry Alarm Clock - Wake Up... It's Tomorrow. 1968 USA

The band asks: How many tomorrow's can you see? They almost let this one get away. They almost revealed themselves right here and now. They were partying with the psychedelic set, and who better than with a bunch of turned on kids with a name like Strawberry Alarm Clock. Who are they you ask? Extraterrestrial's of course. Duh.

The debut had already displayed more hair raising harmonies per second than any album in history, so why not up the ante, and mix that with a 6th dimension sound? Real time upon release, few in the world got it of course, and after realizing their potential mistake, this particular strain of ET's left to never return in our time and space. And Strawberry Alarm Clock went on to become an easy listening band based on "advice" from industry execs. Poor kids. They never had a chance.

Don't believe me? Just listen to 'Curse of the Witches'. That sheer burst of fuzz bass, celestial vibes, and harmony all arriving at once is a vision into heaven, followed by all sorts of disorientation including the just-slightly-off-kilter rhythms, but mathematically calculated perfectly to alter your mind. Meditation... "Oooo" is a lyric of pure genius. In fact the song it comes from 'Sit With the Guru', along with hit 'Tomorrow', are the two tracks here that resemble most the pop psych brilliance of the debut. The entire 5 song sequence that ends the album predicted all sorts of music movements to forth come. They were able to do that in 12 minutes.

Perhaps only 'Soft Skies, No Lies' and 'Go Back You're Going the Wrong Way' are "normal" songs, and even they are excellent.

Look at the artwork and understand who you're dealing with.

Wake Up... It's Tomorrow.

Personal collection

LP: 1968 Uni
CD: 2005 Collectors' Choice

It wasn't until the mid 90s that I truly "discovered" SAC, though I had a comp going back to the late 80s. I would argue that Strawberry Alarm Clock are the single greatest band from the late 60s.

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