Scherzoo - 02. 2012 France

Though released on the Soleil Zeuhl label, I think the users of RYM are right in labeling this band (on their debut) Avant Progressive first, and Zeuhl second. Scherzoo 02 dabbles in both styles, though I think the scales are tipped even further towards the dissonant avant prog methodology. It appears Present is a good blueprint here, with the addition of squonking sax - perhaps to its detriment. I'm really torn on Scherzoo. I want more of Thollot's Heldon-like Contact mixed with the Zeuhl styling of his latest outfit. Which isn't fair of course, since that's not what Scherzoo is about. But then again, as a consumer, who says I have to be fair? They're going in the wrong direction as far as I'm concerned and I may need convincing to go further with them. I think I just lost fanboy status.

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CD: 2012 Soleil Zeuhl

Last listen: March 7, 2018

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