Rag i Ryggen - s/t. 1975 Sweden

Råg i Ryggen's sole album is a great representation of that perfect meeting place between progressive and hard rock. The instrumentation is pure fat analog, with organ, mini-moog, woody bass, loud electric guitar, and powerful vocals. Early 70s Uriah Heep would seem to be the main influence here, along with a good dose of Deep Purple and even fellow countrymen Trettioariaga Kriget. And on the folk based instrumental 'Spångaforsens brus', Kebnekaise rises to the fore. The lyrics are a mix of Swedish and English, though surprisingly there's no downturn in quality when utilizing the latter, as would be normally the case. I think those that dig bands like Blakulla and Saga (post November band), will find plenty to enjoy here. Easy recommendation for genre fans.

Personal collection
CD: 2005 Transubstans

Typically great reissue from Transubstans with informative liner notes, photos, and good sound. There's also 3 bonus tracks, 2 from 1975, and the last from 1976 called 'Land Over the Rainbow', and it sounds very similar to the album proper. The sound quality on these are OK, given they appear to be an audience recording.

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