Psycho Praxis - Echoes from the Deep. 2012 Italy

[1971. A major city in the USA] Me and my friend Billy went over to Peaches Record Store and I just bought this great import album by an English band called Psycho Praxis. Dude, I spent 3 week's allowance on it. Looks awesome. A killer gatefold cover on Vertigo, mannn. Features acid guitar, Hammond organ, dreamy/amplified English vocals, fuzz bass, and flute. Reminds me of that other new band we bought called Uriah Heep, crossed with Jethro Tull, Atomic Rooster, and Raw Material. Right Billy?

....Except it's 2012 and they're from Italy.

I'm most anxious to see what they come up with next! Great album.

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CD: 2012 Italy

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