Pentwater - Ab-Dul. 2007 USA

Already a charter member of the Pentwater fanboy club, I just had to get the new album, even though these guys haven't released anything in 30 years and the album cover art leaves much to be desired. With most reunions, I duck for cover, figuring the band had long forgotten why anyone wanted to hear them in the first place, ergo the irrational desire for a quick FM hit. As if all the 18 year old girls will start swooning for 55 year old geezers singing about lost loves, or worse, some sort of fairy queen eaten by a jester elf... But this is Pentwater, and these guys were an intellectual bunch even amongst the intellectual, so its no surprise they came up with another winner. It's not perfect, and there were a couple of tracks that seemed to imply that maybe Neil Diamond had it right all along. But they catch themselves, and throw something in 13/8 with a mellotron on top and the world is all perfect again. Very few groups can pull off melody and complexity like Pentwater.

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CD: 2007 Beef

Last listen: 2007

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