Ornithos - La Trasfigurazione. 2012 Italy

Ornithos are a sextet that is culled from the excellent ensemble Il Bacio delle Medusa. Like many new progressive bands from Italy, Ornithos looks back to the classic 1973 era for inspiration. On that front, Ornithos will remind the listener of other such groups like La Maschera di Cera, La Torre dell'Alchemista, and Il Tempio delle Clessidre. But Ornithos doesn't stop there, as they also have one foot in the classic Vertigo label heavy rock sound of 1971 England. In this way, they recall groups such as Areknames (Italy), Diagonal (England), and Astra (USA). With an equipment setup straight out of the 70s (Hammond organ, mellotron, sax, flute, loud psychedelic guitar) along with female/male vocals and a songwriting style from the past, Ornithos are the perfect recipe for a heaping dish of Retro-Prog. So if you have a craving for such a meal, then be sure to stop by Ornithos. They're open all night!

Let's hope that Ornithos doesn't take the classic Italian concept too far - that is to say - we are requesting another album! Too many of the best bands from 1972-1974 Italy were "one and done".

Personal collection
CD: 2012 AMS/BTF

The CD above is housed in a beautiful gatefold mini-LP design.

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