Nuova Era – Io e Il Tempo. 1992 Italy

Probably more than any other band, Nuova Era can be credited with bringing back the classic early 70s Italian progressive rock sound... kicking and screaming into the 90s. They started their career with the rather tepid L'Ultimo Viaggio, but by the time of Io e Il Tempo, their 3rd album, Nuova Era were firing on all cylinders. The basic foundation of the classic Italo sound are here: Classically based compositions, turn-on-a-dime rhythms, impassioned vocals (in Italian of course), and expertly played instruments. And it's the usual palette of sounds with organ / synthesizer, guitar, flute, bass and drums. Two long suites with plenty of unexpected turns; ferocious rocked out parts are offset by tranquil piano interludes which keeps this an exciting listen throughout. The vocals are similar to Sithonia - another standout early 90's Italian band. Despite all of the parallels, there's no mistaking Nuova Era as a purposefully retro band ala La Maschera di Cera. The guitarist can fall prey to "rock star" ambition on occasion, and the overly bright production screams early 90s. But the thoughtfulness and density of the compositions is what makes albums like this stand the test of time, the lack of an abundance of analog equipment notwithstanding.

Personal collection
LP: 1992 Contempo
CD: 1992 Contempo

The LP features a beautiful gatefold cover, another trademark of the 1970s Italian heyday.

Last listen: 2012

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