Nova Express - Space Khmer. 1987 Germany

Nova Express are a band I first heard about from Freakbeat in the early 1990s. Their two albums were quite difficult to find back then (surprisingly not so difficult nowadays). Space Khmer reminds me a lot of early Amon Duul II - especially the shorter songs as found on Tanz der Lemming and Carnival in Babylon. This element becomes apparent in the psychedelic guitar work and the heavily accented male vocals. The organ they employ is actually an older vintage than what Amon Duul II used! No doubt they were also influenced by the post punk crowd of the early 80s, and it shows in some of the songwriting. Overall, a very good neo psych album that time has forgot.

Personal collection
LP: 1987 Syndicate

Not reissued on CD as I write this.

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