Nova Express - Once in the Blue Moon. 1991 Germany

Following on from Space Khmer, Nova Express' second album is a bit more aggressive and, dare I say, punk-ish if you will. But it's still very psychedelic, especially in the ferocious guitar work and with some atmospheric distant/narrative vocals employed. The album gets considerably freakier and psychedelic as it goes. Without knowing they were from Germany, you could be forgiven to thinking they were influenced by the Bevis Frond neo-psych camp (which I think they were actually). About the only other band I've heard like Nova Express, from Germany at least, is the equally obscure Der Kampf Gegen den Schlaf.

Personal collection
CD: 1991 Heartache Transplant Records

The CD features one bonus track: 'I Wanna Know' (7:54). After many years of searching, I finally secured the LP. Not long after, I found the CD too, and I decided to part with the LP.

I really should scan my cover of this. There's not one decent scan out there.

Last listen: December 2, 2012

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