Kharmina Buranna - El Arte de Seguir Vivos. 2008 Peru

Though from Peru, Kharmina Buranna remind me quite a bit of the 1970s Argentine progressive rock scene. They squarely fit the "retro prog" category and play a direct mix of early 70s styled blues rock mixed with classic era Yes, and a dose of 70s Italian progressive rock. So imagine a cross between El Reloj and Ave Rock! Other guideposts would include Invisible, Agnus, and Espiritu.  Kharmina Buranna definitely are Western European sounding, and do not possess any indigenous elements in their sound, differentiating them from their peers like Flor de Loto or Supay. El Arte de Seguir Vivos has many twists and turns, and contains a fat 70s analog sound. It holds up well on repeated listens, and something new reveals itself each time - always the hallmark of a great album.

Personal collection
CD: 2008 Mylodon (Chile)

Last listen: February 19, 2013

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