Hidria Spacefolk - Astronautica. 2012 Finland

Space rockers Hidria Spacefolk return 5 years after Symetria with Astronautica, an album that has been highly anticipated by many, including myself. A couple of changes have occurred in the interim. The original keyboardist moved to Germany and has been replaced by Veikko Sutinen, who seems to favor the Fender Rhodes a bit more than his predecessor (that's a good thing). Hidria Spacefolk have also expanded to a sextet (yet another good thing) with the addition of percussionist Olli Kari, formerly of the much respected Uzva. Olli plays marimba, vibrafone, xylosynth, and sundry percussion. Despite these changes, Astronautica is largely a continuation of the style found on Symetria. Broader strokes, larger sound, simpler compositions, with more emphasis on atmosphere rather than tricky intricacies. However, there's no mistaking that this is a Hidria Spacefolk album, and they continue with their lively instrumental melodic psychedelic music, with plenty of tempo changes and electric guitar solos. Great driving the highway music! Overall an excellent album, though still not up to the high standard (IMO) of Symbiosis and Balansia. I'm already waiting anxiously for the next album!

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CD: 2012 private

Last listen: November 14, 2012

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